• Below is a list of machines that have been purchased for salvage and are in various stages of being dismantled.
  • Not all machines have been listed so call and ask a salesman about a specific model and your parts needs.  If we don't have it-we can find it for you.
  • We ship parts daily by UPS, USPS, FedEx, and most major truck lines.





BARKO: 775, 775B, 775C, 885, 885B
BELL:   Super T
CATERPILLAR:  553, TK711 w/ HF201 cutter head,
 CASE:  1187B
FRANKLIN:   170, 5000, C5500
HYDRO-AX: 121, 221, 311, 321, 411, 411B,  411B2,  411E, 411EX, 411EXP, 470, 511,  511B,  511E, 511EX, 511EXP, 570, 611,  611B, 611B2, 611E, 611EX, 620, 621, 621B, 670, 711, 711E, 720, 721E
JOHN DEERE: 493D, 544C, 643, 643D, 643G, 643H, 643J, 653E, 653G, 693, 743, 753G, 753J, 843, 843G, 843H, 853G
PRENTICE:  2470, 2670
TIGERCAT: 718E, 720, 720B, 720C, 720D, 724C, 724D, 724E, 7240, 726
TIMBCO: 415, 420, 425, 425C, 445, T445C
TIMBERJACK: 608, 608B, 735

Miscellaneous Models on hand: WOLVERINE, FABTEK, KERSHAWCUTTER

Many models of Feller Buncher Saws & Shear Heads

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